Eat out to Help Out


the best fish and chips


29th August 2020


Sherine Gordon 


When I was a young child I remember a restaurant, that used to be located, in the spot where the My Cash and Carry Ltd Store is now present, the best fish and chips restaurant, in Deptford High Street.  The chips where fresh cut chips the size, of dominoes and not the frozen type because you can taste the difference, between the two.


I would put onion vinegar all over the freshly fried thick, cut chips that you never wanted to end, just a light sprinkle of salt for that extra flavour.  Chips where always hot and freshly fried with a soft white centre


The cod was a golden yellow colour because it was covered in a crispy batter and not looking greasy, freshly fried to order, to eat in or take away service.  I remember when I did have my chips and sausage in batter, take away service the paper the chips, where wrapped into a cone shape filled almost to the top, I did put  too much onion vinegar and the paper cone the chips where in turned damp at the bottom.


Every time I visited the restaurant it was busy and packed full of customers eating in or about to order a meal.  The line up for the take away service, was nearly reaching the door entrance.  When Deptford Market was trading, it would be packed with customers looking out for a bargain.  I would visit the restaurant, when me and my Mother and Sisters, have finished, our shopping in Deptford Market.


To find a good fish and chips restaurant, in Southeast London, you would have to be lucky.  Shopping trips to Deptford would never be the same the vintage style has disappeared forever good old Deptford.


According to Fishing the Spot, the Wels Catfish is the most frequently caught fish in Deptford. It has an unusual size of 1m for 10kg, but can but reach as much as 5m for 300kg, and can live up to 60 years. It has many small teeth.

The Stone Loach, Brown Trout and Goldfish are equally possible, although all species are currently at 0 incidence in the local area.


As an independent coastal state from January 2021, the UK government will be responsible for managing the UK’s territorial waters (out to 12 nautical miles) and the Exclusive Economic Zone (out to 200 nautical miles or the median line with other states).

Non-UK vessels, including EU or EEA registered vessels, will not be permitted to fish in UK waters, unless there is an access agreement and the vessels have the appropriate licence.

The London Fisheries Convention, which gives access for specific countries to fish in the UK’s 6 to 12 nautical mile zone, will not apply to the UK.

Non-UK vessels will still be able to sail through UK territorial waters under their right of ‘innocent passage’ set out in The United Nations Convention of the Sea (UNCLOS).