Maintain distance


Statement on Upper Telegraph Hill Park from your ward councillors


24th June 2020

telegraph hill.png


On 4th July, when the pubs and bars finally opened, grateful for the break, we ventured to the park, the punters had reallocated, we could hear them occasionally from our spot in the shade, under the tree, the grass was jaded but the nearest group far from us, maybe 7 or 8 meters (it’s strange how they say 2 meters, isn’t it, he said, would Global Britain not use imperial measurements, stay alert and keep 6 foot 5 inches from each other), and in this calm, in the breeze, we finally found the time, the peace, the moment, to discuss what he will do when I am in labour, the hospital was an hour away, it just didn’t make sense for him to track all the way down there, he could only come in when the cervix was dilated enough, but these things are not predictable, it just didn’t make sense for him to wait outside, for the fetus to push down, what if there is a delay, a pause, a delairment, it just didn’t make sense when he would not be allowed to stay with the fetus (once it had made its way out), especially not today, on 4th July, when the pubs are open, does it not make more sense to do it the old fashioned way, in the pub, waiting and drinking, helping the economy, it’s the tradition, helping the economy, it’s how it’s always been done, helping the economy, no one gets hurt, and it’s helping the economy.