Dear neighbour, 


We are Diana and Bojana, two immigrant writers based in Hackney and currently in residence at The Albany and Deptford Lounge. We are developing a project called Temporary Works - COVID-19 Update, exploring the crises of the present, the emergencies of the past, and the imagined futures. 


From an imposed distance, we are inviting you to help us shape an open access archive that documents real, imagined, and potential closures and notices of termination in and around Deptford. This collectively authored archive, open for all to explore, will map connections between Deptford, its communities, and how they are governed.


We invite you to send us a document of something that closed in Deptford: a photograph, a letter, a drawing, a sound, a recording, or an image. It can be made by you, or it could be something you found.


It can be a document of a closed market stall, library or service; or a depiction of something absent, something that has happened in the past or was due to happen. An event that continues to shape your community, or a public memorial that was never removed. Perhaps this closure is fictional; or something you overheard; or maybe it is a memory you can’t quite recuperate. 


We will write a response to what you send us and publish your contribution and ours side by side on the dedicated open archive. Help us connect these different moments in Deptford. In dialogue with you, local to Deptford, we can capture the intimate, remote or far-reaching connections that travel in times of transition.


Don’t forget to let us know how you would like your contribution to be credited.


We hope to hear from you,


Bojana Janković and Diana Damian-Martin