How to submit:


1. Think about the closure you want to add to the archive


2. Choose or record something that documents this closure. It could be:

  • An image (e.g. a photo of a closed shop, a drawing made in response to a protest that finished too soon)

  • A short text (e.g. a personal reflection, a newspaper article announcing a closure)

  • A video (e.g. of where something or someone used to be; of building works hiding local history)

  • An audio recording (e.g. ambient sounds of Deptford, someone singing, or you talking about a closure)


3. Think of a short credit (you may want to include your name, or tell us what is on your submission).

Then send it to us via email or WhatsApp. 

Or if you are using Twitter or Instagram, share using #tempworksC19

For any questions, email criticalinterruptions@gmail.com