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The Odeon Theatre Deptford


May 1988

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Located in the southeast London district of Deptford, on Deptford Broadway at the corner of Deptford Church Street, the Odeon Theatre was built on the site of the Palladium Cinema. It was one of the original Oscar Deutsch chain of Odeon Theatres Ltd. and opened on 3rd October 1938, with Clark Gable in "Test Pilot".
The Odeon was closed by the Rank Organisation on 16th May 1970 with Marti Feldman in "Every Home Should Have One" and Michael Hordern in "Futtock’s End". The building was sold to a development company Marshamheath in January 1973, but the building remained empty and increasingly derelict until it was finally demolished in May 1988. Shops and flats have now been built on the site.


What happens if you don't pay your business rates on time


Reminder: When one instalment is missed, a reminder will be issued. If this is not brought up to date, a summons is issued.



Second reminder: If it is brought up to date but subsequent instalments are defaulted upon, a second reminder is issued. If this is not brought up to date, a summons is issued.


Final notice: If it is brought up to date but subsequent instalments are defaulted upon, a final notice is issued. The final notice allows seven days to pay the balance due for the year in full. If this is not paid in full within seven days, a summons is issued (see below). 


If you have received a reminder, but your business rates remains unpaid you will be sent a summons from the magistrates court. You will be charged £75.00 costs for the issue of the summons. 



If you or your company owe more than £5000 in business rates, and you have been summonsed, we may start bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings against you.


If we take this action, we will pass your account to our solicitors who will send you a statutory demand. A statutory demand gives you 21 days to pay us the full amount.



If we do not receive payment in full, or if a suitable payment arrangement is not agreed, we will instruct one of our enforcement agents to collect the debt.




The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 S.I 2013/1894 came into force on 6th April 2014. Under these regulations the old bailiff levy process is replaced by taking control of goods (TCOG). 

Deptford cinema could close due to sudden council business rate demands, say volunteers


The cinema in Deptford Broadway, which is one of two in Lewisham borough, is a not-for-profit organisation but now must pay business rate fines they say could send them out of business.

As it is not an official registered charity Lewisham council say they are not entitled to the 80 per cent business rate discount. 

The council have supported the cinema in the past.



"They have been very supportive, because of cuts they don’t have money to throw around especially on something like this when there are essential services being cut, so they didn't help in in a financial way but we got a very small grant from the council."


They want, in total, about two and a half thousand a month for the next three months and then they want about £800 a month.



 We want them to agree to a reasonable payment plan. We would like them to recognise that we have been billed the same way a Tesco would be.



In recognition of the valuable contribution Deptford Cinema makes to the community, Sir Steve Bullock, Mayor of Lewisham, has previously intervened to help the organisation deal with some of the difficulties it has experienced.



“He is willing to do so again by meeting with representatives to discuss what can be done to support the future of Deptford Cinema and discuss their concerns."